Frequently Asked Questions

Is dropby a cult?

No, Nope, Never.

Does it make someone cool to use dropby?

Why would it be cool? Its just an app to assist with your local network. Apps dont make you cool, you do, (and maybe silver or blue hair)

Is dropby opensouce?

First of all its Open-Source (not opensouce). Yes some areas are and you can make it even cooler.

Will dropby work in space?

Maybe but cant say for sure. If there are dropby users in the space, maybe we can update our system to calculate how are are you from other users. We would have to precisely time radio signals sent back and forth to Earth, while mapping the locations of planets and moons whose gravitational forces will affect dropby users trajectory to provde you with the information. This should be the easy part on our side, while you have to figure our how get stable internet there.

Why make this app?

Because we want to use it ourself. We get to hang out with people, but over time it tends to be a bit difficult. It seemed difficult to initiate a simple activity such as running, grabbing a lunch or dinner, and most importantly, when we did, we missed many we would have loved to spent time with. For a simple activity, gotta check others schedules that it got past the point of caring anymore. And this seemed impossible for spontaneous action. Our aim with this app was to assist with spontaneous activity, simplify connecting with new individuals and assist in-person meetups. Well, apps can do that, and possibly hundreds of apps are doing some version of that in the dating or friendship area. The so-called who social network is connecting people....virtually, online. For dropby, the prime aim is to focus on an individual's privacy and safety and minimize factors that may lead to harassment.

How to track and find someone on dropby?

Unfortunately we made a architechture serverless and thus no one can track any dropby users. To see someone the following criteria must meet: 1) You two share contacts, 2) The person has marked you visible for the specifc duration of dropby activity 3) You are within the radius of the activity. or 4) you have superpowers to find anyone, which got enhanced after using this app - but then thats creepy and you dont need dropby and the system will automatically block you.

How to the dropby app on a Blackberry phone?

Why do you have a Blackberry phone? They were pretty cool long time ago. Well for now you can only use it on a Blackberry phone which runs on Andriod OS.

Is this a Dating App?

No God! No God! Please No. No. Nooooo...

Dating advice if find someone on dropby?

1) Worry less about if they like you. and more about i f you even like them. 2) Rejection is not as personal as it feels. Liking someone or being liked is more about compatibility than inherent worth. 3) Stop choosing what isn't chooing you. If its not mutual, why pursue it? 4) Ask yourself: Would you be friend with this person if you weren't phycially attracted to them? Be honest. 5) Get clear on what you want to give in a relationship, not just what you want to recieve. What uniqure value do you bring to a partnership? 6) Know what you want from a potential partner. What are your non-negotiables? What are you flexible on? Then communicate your needs, dont just think them. 7) Stop being shocked by repeated behavior. For example, if someone has continiously shown you they aren't a good texter, stop expecting them to be. Notice patterns and believe them. 8) You dont need to be perfect to be loved. "Perfection" isn't relatable. You can't connect to it. We all have flaws and vunerabilitie, and being able to own them is one of the most atractive things we can do. The right person will embrace the things you once felt you had to hide. 9) Your love life is one area of your life. Don't forget to nurture the rest. Significant other aside, when you visualize coming home to a life you love, what does that look like? Get specific.

Do we have a Superbowl Ad?

Oh yes we do..... What do you think?

I dont have an instituional email. Can can I signup?

Yes. Please send an email to and we can allow your personal email to register it.

Dropby and COVID19

Social distance is necessary; social isolation is not. The dropby project fully supports and understands the current need for physical distancing, and aims to prevent this from turning into social isolation. The DropBy system allows users (students, staff, etc) to communicate virtually with other nearby individuals and minimize the need to approach many unwanted in-person interactions. This adds another layer of safety for meeting with people around you. Dropby is a simple application with a system architecture designed by engineers and health professionals to focus on the safety and privacy of an individual.

How to decline an invite via message?

To turn down an invite in 3 steps: 1) Be gracious: Example: “that sounds like an amazing time” “I really appreciate you inviting me” “I head that new bar is really nice” 2) Decline: But I won’t be able to make it. Do not offer an excuse or reason. You can say No without cause 3) Work through discomfort Not offering an excuse will feel very scary and awkward but gets easier with practice. You have a right to No. (Guess this works outside of dropby too)

How is it different from any other location sharing app?

While its simple for an app to show who is around someone, it felt that they have missed that meeting up isn’t all about location. We felt that it is about availability and an activity and wanted to simply that. It doesn’t matter if one see their best friend at a coffee shop right away if they’re not actually available to hang out. They could be on date, having a business meeting or trying to get some work done. If someone drop by just because they see someone close by, it could be awkward. Also to scheudle meetup one has to first message, but one can come off seeming desperate if they can’t or don’t want to meet up with you. We thought to address these issues while addressing important issues that affects an individual privacy. It increases your network and open opportunities passively when someone is the area and wants to hang out with you specifically for that duration.

How to know if my friends and poeple here like me?

Stop considering whether people like you and start considering whether you like them!

Why should I initiate a contact or activeity with a friend?

It's okay to always be the one to initiate contact with a friend. With DropBy we make it simple. Just because they didnt reach out to you first doesn't mean they don't like you or want to hang out with you. It's okay to always be that friend who starts up the conversation or schedules an activity. Never assume they don't like you or don't want to spend time with you just because they don't reach out first. Don't ever tell yourself that without evidence to back it up. It's a two-way street and they want to feel accepted and feel like they belong just like you do, at least to some degree. You reaching out tells the other person that they are important to you. This boosts your self-esteem for stepping out of your comfort zone and helps them feel more confident in themselves. Double win and you get to spend time with a friend.

some controversial advice: DON'T be yourself.

Be yourself works for some people. If you are already a person who knows how to have fun, hold decent conversations, or you have a pretty cool life to share with people-- then this advice might be right for you. The problem is if you currently don't know how to have engaging conversations with people, you don't know how to deepen connections, how to find relatability with people in a fun way-- then chances are the "you" that you currently are isn't the kind of person you want to be. Don't be limited by what you tell yourself you are. Think about it… what is this "yourself" that everyone speaks of? How do you know if you're yourself or not? Most people might say that you're "yourself" when you feel natural and at ease. But here's the thing: if you want to transform yourself into a more social person or a better conversationalist… someone who is engaging, fun, and can make friends and deepen connections; then you might have to do some things that don't feel comfortable or put you at ease (at least the current version of you). But this is the same as someone learning to play the piano-- at first, it will be uncomfortable and frustrating-- but the more you practice, the more smooth it will become. Don't be yourself Start being the future you that you want to be instead. In time, it will become the new "you." You probably can visualize the type of person you'd like to be. If you need some tips on how to get there, please reach out to us (, and our team will see if we can help.