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Dropby is an open source network platform whose real-time maps were purposefully built taking in account the safety and privacy concerns of a users. Its powerful system architecture was developed by a diverse team of health scientists and engineers.

The approach addresses the new issues emerging from our highly connected online world, a lifestyle that has pushed many to unwanted physical isolation and its linked effects.

Dropby nearby network was brewing ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, and matured into beta taking in all the learnings from that experience.

Social distance is necessary; social isolation is not. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need a service that provides an overview of what is happening around us, giving us the option to safely grow our network in-person.


We ARe

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A Smart & Safe Nearby Network.





Personalized Maps

The privacy-focused maps shows users and spots nearby that are relevant to you

Continuous Discovery

Get realtime insight on your surrounding and your network circle



Safe Networking

Expand your circle in a safe environment, where you are always in control.


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